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6 Important Value Logics for Product Selection

Published: May 20th, 2020

After carefully studying more than 50 hot products last year, 6 value logics of product selections have been concluded for your reference.

  1. Visual Value
  2. Practical Value
  3. Perceived Value
  4. Emotion Value
  5. Niche Value
  6. Trend Value

1. Visual Value

Case 1: Shark Dog House 1

Case 2: Mermaid Tail Blanket 3

Visual value is not something about beauty, because aesthetics are different among every one, it is something about whether you could surprise your audiences. Therefore, "Aha! moment" is a moment of sudden insight in which can determines whether you can catch your audiences' eyes. Such visually surprising products have at least two advantages in marketing:

A. Create impactful video ads


According to Hubspot, social media posts with video have 48% more views. 64% of users found more likely to purchase a product online after seeing a video.

B. Free KOL marketing For small and medium-sized bloggers, as long as your product is interesting enough and you give a sample to them, they will still be willing to advertise for you without paying extra marketing fees. The reason is that they also need traffic, and evaluating some novel and fun things will increase their own exposure. For example, the cat in the picture is a KOL, and has received nearly 6,000 likes with this post.


2. Practical Value

Different subdivision areas and different categories have different practical values. Case 1: Car mount holder


Car mount holders are actually not new products, but according to a Sourcing company's latest report, until December last year, it was still one of the most consulted products by merchants.

Case 2: Anti-gravity phone case


This case appeared in Oberlo's official tutorial video before, and this product's sales reached almost 160,000 US dollars.

3. Percieved Value

Some companies have another set of logic in their product development, which is sales-oriented and result-oriented. Whether the product really has any anti-celestial effects is not their entanglement, they are concerned about the value of this product in consumer perception.

There are two core elements in percieved value:

  1. Customer thinks that it is valuable
  2. The value advertised by the product is difficult to quantify in the short term

Case 1: Waist trainer


The beautiful KOL Tatiana (the model in the above picture) in this case is also the seller of the waist trainer on her own online shop.

People who do fitness know that to lose weight depends on a healthy diet structure, persevering exercise, good regular sleep and rest, etc. Does it matter if you pull hard with a piece of cloth on your waist? But the promotion strategy of this product is not so simple as "waist", but "Waist trainer".


Tatiana turned herself into a KOL to achieve the purpose of influencer marketing, this also helps her to save huge marketing costs.

4. Emotion Value

Case 1: Matching Shirt Sets


The main selling product of this website is father & son t-shirt. The expressions, expressions, and postures of adults and children are attractive. The picture is very contagious and easy to resonate with users.

The model of this online store is slightly different from the previous ones: they are the "Print on demand" mode, which provides manufacturers with design styles, but only one sample is produced for product demonstrations. Additional production will be added based on customer orders.

5. Niche Value

Case 1: Dog Vest


The pet vest is not something new in the market, but this vest has sold more than 3,000 orders in one month. At first glance, there is nothing special, but this vest offers 8 different sizes from super small to super large, while the average store has only 4 to 5 sizes.

The seller avoided the super-competitive ordinary size, but aimed at the ultra-small size Chihuahua and giant Great Dane, etc. In the case of emotional resonance above, in fact, the niche strategy was also used. Instead of making mother and child T-shirts, the whole station focused on only father and son T-shirts.

6. Trend Value

There are ususally 2 marketing strategy for promoting new product to the market: A. Product mining strategy Prepare before a product hit viral status. If the product has the above-mentioned five-point: Visual Value, Practical Value, Perceived Value, Emotion Value and Niche Value. This product can certainly become a hot selling product.

B. Trend following selling strategy When a product is already selling and exiting in the market, it may not be impossible to follow up because the market may not be so saturated as long as the overall trend is upward.

Case 1: Quartz Crystal Water Bottle


In fact, it is just a quartz stone in an ordinary water bottle, which is said to have various effects on physical health.