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5 Easy Steps on How to Find the Best Dropshipping Supplier

Published: July 6th, 2020

Getting a supplier for your dropshipping business is a crucial phase, especially if you're a newbie, therefore some factors need to be considered. Even if you've decided on which products you want to sell, you need to make sure that you find dropshipping suppliers that can provide the long-term business partnership and high-quality service.

Practically speaking, finding the right dropship supplier for your store is not easy. You need to have the right amount of patience, dedication, and research to find the perfect one

Here are the steps on how you can find the right suppliers for your dropshipping business:


Once you've decided or already made a decision on which products that you would like to sell, start researching which dropshipping supplier will suit your needs and which works best for you. You might also consider if you're going for a domestic or overseas supplier. When finding the right suppliers, you need to get your hands on the smallest details as possible.

Contact the Suppliers

When you've finished researching and selecting suppliers, next is to contact them. By talking to them, it helps you get to know more about their services. They may even give you information from their current clients so you can get as much info as you can from people who are currently working with them.

Test Out Products From the Supplier

After you have contacted them, you need to order the products you wanted to sell for your dropshipping business. You need to test out their service or delivery capabilities like shipping time, packaging quality, and other supplier-related concerns that you may encounter. All of these are essential to finding the right supplier for you and bring success to your business.

Order From the Competition

If your competitor uses the same supplier, it's an excellent chance to find out how the supplier prepares the products. If the competitor uses a different supplier, you can always use the old order-from-the-competition trick.

best dropshipping supplier infographic

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a beginner or an online store veteran who wants to try out a new product, getting the best supplier in dropshipping can be critical.

There are many different ways or strategies to get the right supplier for you, and it will come down to extensive research. Keep in mind that there are advantages or disadvantages to which supplier you will pick. Also, note that you're likely to come across some fake suppliers, that's where the extensive research comes in. Find the suppliers that you can trust and negotiate quickly. This way, you will have more time marketing for your dropshipping business and less time fixing your supplier.