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Top Selling Items Online During This Pandemic

Published: June 23rd, 2020

Dropshippers took the opportunity to sell products that are important to the consumers as their buying behavior shifts to the necessities before the luxuries.

As a dropshipper, it is essential to know how to make some adjustments to your store to offer the most demanded products and maximize your revenue.

Here are the top-selling products for your store during this pandemic.




Most of the consumers are focused on their health and the cleanliness of their homes. They are buying things like toiletries, sanitary products, disinfectants and more. In the US market, hand sanitizer sales increased to 80.7% compared to the previous years.

Are you looking for items to sell during this pandemic? Here are some of the top products in household essentials category:

Toilet paper

Toilet paper reigns as one of the best selling products. Most people thought toilet paper could help from droplet exposure.

Cleaning Wipes and Spray

As the virus continues to spread and more people get infected, it is just as important as keeping your hands clean and keeping your home sanitized. Disinfecting wipes and spray are some of the top-selling products at every local store and online groceries today.


There is an increased demand in thermometers and have become a popular item both online and locally. So it's a must-have item in every household to keep every family member's temperature in check during this pandemic.




As COVID-19 continues as a Global concern, numerous events and activities were canceled. Most people choose to work and stay at home. People always look for something to keep them busy.

Selling items to keep people entertained during this pandemic would be a hit for your store.

Board Games

Playing board games is a fun way to bond with your loved ones during the quarantine. Whether you're up for a Monopoly marathon or outsmarting everyone with Scrabble, board games surely place themselves as popular entertainment items.

Fitness Equipment

Many people left with much spare time in their households; others have seen it as an opportunity to stay fit and healthy, with 85% of people taking up some exercise while in social isolation. No gym? No Problem! Whether that's dumbbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, or maybe even a yoga mat, they stay as one of the top entertainment and healthy pass time items.


People tend to spend a significant amount of time surfing on the internet, specifically on social media. With that, there's a considerable chance that they've come across pictures and videos of homemade cookies, bread, and pastries. So baking became a newfound hobby to other people who wanted to try out a different way to pass the quarantine. Baking items like muffin tins, loaf pans, and cooking sheets are at the top of their selling point now, and people have been scooping up these items online.

These items may have been currently at the top of every consumer's checkout list, but expect other things that were once a hot product to make a return. It's already months since the virus hit every country and people have slowly adapted to the whole situation.